Give music to everyone

A unique experience for music lovers and performers

Music is a perfect expression of the glory of God. St Martin’s is a world-class venue and it’s vital we keep providing world-class training and a concert programme to match.

We’re changing lives through music. With over 350 concerts, many of which are free, we entertain 100,000 people every year. Our choirs, scholarships and partnerships provide unique development and performance opportunities to aspiring virtuosos.

To reach more people, we’re expanding our choirs, tours and building a phenomenal concert programme. We’re increasing our training to give even more music students and recent graduates the chance to build a career of a lifetime. To remain at the forefront of live and broadcast performance, we’re funding the development of brand new music facilities within the church itself.

We want to make sure we can give musicians and music lovers everywhere unique experiences. Help keep the music for everyone.