This September, we welcomed a new cohort of Choral Scholars to St Martin’s. Through the Scholarship Programme, our ten emerging singers receive intensive choral training. They sing regularly here at St Martin-in-the-Fields alongside other London venues.

When the Trust caught up with the new Scholars, we learned more about how the pandemic has made forging a freelance career even trickier. But what was evident was their passion for the craft and their dedication to the programme. As one Scholar told us,

“I feel like a valued member of a thriving and vibrant musical community. The repertoire we sing is both traditional and progressive, varying from 16th century polyphony to the present day. Singing in a small choir encourages great responsibility for the sound each one of us creates. It is exciting to see how our sound will develop as a group over the year. This Scholarship feels like a real springboard into the London choral scene and beyond!”

It is a joy to hear St Martin’s filled with music. We can’t wait to see how our Scholars will flourish and grow in the New Year.

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