Mothering Sunday is worse than Valentines Day. The shops are full of folded pieces of card wrapped in plastic, covered in language that people are meant to be and feel. For large percentages of the population, these are just not real life experiences. (Mothers Day is worse because it is all pink!).

When we look at the real life experiences of the early Christians, we see a bunch of messed up people just like us. Yet, just like them we are called to the perfect family to be found in Christ. I am reminded of the passage in John 19 where Jesus calls down from the cross to Mary and to John “Here is your son … here is your mother.” This reminds me that the new family that we are called to in Jesus is the perfect family. In ‘Called to Community: The Life Jesus wants for His People’ one of the contributors sums this up “the church, the great family in which all, no matter their situation or calling, are welcomed and loved.”

When I think of my real life experiences, as well as my immediate family, I think of my church family here at St Martins. It was here that I discovered the welcome ‘All are welcome in this place’, it is here that I have found people who have been there for me during some of the worst and best times of my life, and it is here that I find guidance and support.

Maybe some merit of the shop cards is that many of them say ‘thank you’. I’d like to take today to say thank you to all of you who make up my church family.

Thank you,

Jen Adam