At the heart of St Martin’s is a community of faith.

St Martin’s was founded on the conviction that God wants to be with us. This invites us to look for ways to be with others, ourselves, and the world around us. We quickly realised that this vision was so big we needed a lot of people, including those of different beliefs to help us achieve it. We continue to invite a wide variety of people to join us, just as they are, to help make these values of Being With a reality. We celebrate the generosity of people of different faiths working with a church and seek to respond with generosity in return, ensuring that they have all they need to thrive in their time with us.

The church of St Martin-in-the-Fields is a place where all are welcome. Many people say they like the ideas of Jesus, but find churches more complicated. We try to be a church that stays close to Jesus, rooted in the conviction that Jesus is God being with us. Our convictions about Being With are derived from the way Jesus spent the majority of his time on earth – simply being with humanity in a town called Nazareth. Some take this idea even further and make annual commitments to their faith in our Nazareth Communities.

Our HeartEdge network brings together churches from all over the world that share our values to exchange best practice and build friendships.

We value making our church community as accessible as possible. Our worship and community life are available both in our building and online, and we are joined by people on every continent of the world. We have services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We have a Welcome Course and a course exploring the basics of the Christian faith as we see it called The Being With Course. If you’d like to know more about any of this email