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The Carice Singers: Elgar Birthday Concert

Friday 02 June 2023

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Elgar – Love’s Tempest
Clarke – My spirit like a charmed bark doth float
Coleridge-Taylor – By the lone sea-shore
Clarke – Philomela
Elgar – 5 Part-songs from the Greek Anthology (SATB version)
Coleridge-Taylor – Summer is gone
Elgar – My love dwelt in a northern land
Elgar – Death on the hills
Coleridge-Taylor – Dead in the Sierras
Coleridge-Taylor – The fair at Almachara
Clarke – Music, when soft voices die
Elgar – 2 Partsongs, Op. 71
Coleridge-Taylor – All my stars forsake me
Coleridge-Taylor – The lee-shore


The Carice Singers
George Parris Director

On Elgar’s birthday, a tribute in song. The Carice Singers take their name from Elgar’s only daughter, and his legacy – and particularly his fresh, poetic but unduly neglected music for small choir and vocal ensembles – is at the heart of their musical life. But they’ve always cast their net wider and this beautifully-conceived birthday garland also celebrates two near-contemporaries of Elgar whose lovely, intensely imaginative music has not always enjoyed the same appreciation. Discover the vocal music of the British-born, American-resident composer Rebecca Clarke, and the part-songs of the dual-race British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – hailed by Elgar as “the cleverest fellow going amongst the younger men”.

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Fri 02 Jun 7:30 PM £35/£30/£25/£16/£10 Book

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