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Out of Home Exhibition

Friday 23 April 2021

Saturday 31 July 2021

What would the Covid-19 Pandemic have been like if you had no home?

Out of Home tells a story of Central London, by a group of people – Carly, Darren, Kelly, Craig, Joe, and Andre – for whom that was the case.

During a time when we were all told to ‘stay at home’, lockdowns have presented unique challenges for homeless people.

  • Even if selling The Big Issue was allowed, few regular customers were on the streets.
  • Even if a stranger wanted to give you £5, there have been few strangers on the streets.
  • And even if you had money, particularly in Central London, there were few places to spend it, and often only in shops where costs were higher.

Over lockdown, Dan Barker & Lucy Wood paid homeless people to take photographs each day, using disposable cameras.

Loose guidelines were agreed with each of the people in the project.

  • Try to take photographs in the day if possible, when there is light, but if not possible night is fine
  • Take photographs of things you find interesting, or would like to photograph
  • For each camera you’ll be paid £20, with ideally a maximum of 1 camera per day, but flexible where it could help
  • Try to spend less than 1 hour 45 taking photos in any given day, meaning that the work was paid at London Living Wage

Many others ebbed and flowed in and out of the project, some stayed with it throughout. During the project, some have filled a few disposable cameras, some have filled a camera with photographs every day. 

This exhibition features the work of six of them: Carly, Darren, Kelly, Craig, Joe, and Andre.

Kelly Francis died during the project, age 39, and this exhibition is also in her memory.


The Out of Home exhibition is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust, and supported by Panos Pictures. The book Out of Home is available at www.outofhome.org.uk. Proceeds from the exhibition go toward the positive works of St Martin-in-the-Fields, and to the photographers.

The Out of Home project was funded and organised by Dan Barker & Lucy Wood. Other kind people offered assistance. Full acknowledgements can be found at www.outofhome.org.uk.

Visit www.panos.co.uk for more information on Panos Pictures

Visit www.outofhome.org.uk for more information on the Out of Home project, to buy prints, or to buy the book, to further support St-Martin-in-the-Fields or the photographers

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