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Silent Lent Retreat 25-28 February 2021

Booking now open. The retreat starts Thursday 25 February.

We, the ordinary people of the streets, believe with all our might that this street, this world, where God has placed us is our place of holiness. We believe that we lack nothing here that we need…We make our souls into the silent place where the Word of God can dwell and resound (Madeleine Delbrêl)

This year’s retreat will be on zoom and will seek to discover God’s presence in the context of our own homes and lives and neighbourhoods.  The retreat will begin with an introduction on the evening of Thursday 25 February allowing for Friday to be a free day of reflection in which we take our retreat into the context of our own day, work and activities- allowing whatever we are doing to be infused by our interior prayer. Then from Friday evening onwards there will be online reflections and time for sharing. The retreat will end on with St Martin-in-the-Field’s Parish Eucharist at which Revd Catherine Duce will be preaching.

The cost of joining the retreat is £15 with free places available for anyone who requests. Please click here to book your place and you will be sent the zoom link and further details in due course.

Thursday 25 February

8-9pm            Welcome and Introduction to the retreat: God in Ordinary
The story of Madeleine Delbrêl
9pm                Compline and Silence

Friday 26 February
7.30-8.30am Silent Meditation
8.30-9am      Morning Song (SMITF Facebook)
Silent Day
7pm                Evening Prayer
7.30pm           Silence
8pm                First Address: Silence and Solitude
9pm                Compline

Saturday 27 February
8-9am            Nazareth Contemplative Prayer (SMITF Facebook)
9.30am          Morning prayer
10am              Second Address: Obedience and Love
11.30-12.30    Lectio Sharing: Romans 12
1-1.10pm        Prayer during the Day
Free afternoon. Look around the place where you are living (garden or neighbourhood) and bring one object that you love that speaks to you of God in Ordinary.
4-5pm             Sharing
5.30pm           Evening prayer
8pm                Third Address: Missionaries without a boat
9pm                Compline

Sunday 28 February
10-11am         Parish Eucharist (SMITF Facebook)
11.30-midday  Farewell

Dates, Times & Book

Fri 05 Feb 12:00 AM £15 Book

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