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‘With the Heart of a Child’: A sculpture installation and exhibition by Nicola Ravenscroft

available until Sunday 25th July

‘With the Heart of a Child’ sees seven life-size bronze children, one from every continent on Earth, simply dressed in soft silk tulle, hesitate in time, leaning forward, hopeful, poised to dive, eyes closed, dreaming into their future, anticipating things unseen.

Nicola Ravenscroft writes that, ‘As an artist, I am visionary, sculptor, mother to many, and grandmother to even more’, she breathes life into life taking ‘clay, dirt and stardust, shaped and twisted torn smoothed and broken lost, found and moulded wax and singing molten bronze through white-hot crucible-refining fire, Earth’s own core breathing life into revealing-truth, a giving-birth to energy.’

The result is this installation of eco-earthling-warrior-mudcubs – children intimately connected to the earth – reminding us of our duty of care to life, to love, to planet Earth.

Nicola has recently been commissioned to create a memorial to honour the bravery of front-line NHS and care workers in the fight against Covid. The project has the backing of Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock and members of the public are currently being asked to propose a fitting name for the memorial. Her work has consistently inspired musicians, including her husband saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft (‘A little child shall lead them’) and, most recently, Tim Watts, assistant director of music at St. John’s College Cambridge, who is composing a piece in response to bas sculpture reliefs on paper titled ‘Among the Words of Trees’. Examples of work from each of these projects are included in this exhibition in addition to ‘With the Heart of a Child’.

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