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Woven Gold in Concert

Sunday 18 November 2018

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Part of the annual Autumn Lecture Series

Free ticket

Woven Gold return to St Martin-in-the-Fields to perform live as part of this Encounter series. Woven Gold is a choir of refugees and asylum seekers from around the world, accompanied by a group of UK musicians. It will be an evening of powerful and moving encounters from musical cultures and traditions from many different places and experiences: from Congo to Iran, to Pakistan, Kurdistan and Uganda.


‘Come and see,’ Jesus says to his first disciples in John’s Gospel; and they do just that.

In the Gospel accounts, Jesus’ disciples witness his face-to-face encounters with a remarkable diversity of people – those of other nations, tribes, faiths, religious leaders, sinners seeking forgiveness, those possessed by evil, those seeking healing, those who betray him, and those whose lives will be forever transformed by his presence. It is not only those who encounter Jesus who are changed, but also those also who witness those encounters, passing them on to others, retelling his stories.

Our Autumn Series of lectures will focus on this theme of encounter. How are we changed by the people, events or objects we encounter when we meet them face-to-face? How do prejudices shift? How are new insights born? What inspires us to new ways of being and relating to God and to others? How do we become who we truly are through those we meet? How do we encounter God in our lives? In each of these lectures prominent and inspirational leaders, thinkers and practitioners will be speaking from a personal but also public perspective about the way such encounters have changed the course of their lives.

This lecture series will be supported by an exhibition in St Martin’s foyer and lightwell by the artist Nicola Green: Encounters, a series of portraits powerfully expressing a series of historic encounters Nicola Green was invited to witness between spiritual leaders around the globe, from the Pope to the Dalai Lama to Chief Rabbis, Grand Muftis, Archbishops and Swamis.

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