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Café in the Crypt

Les Routiers Café of the Year 2012, the Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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News St Martin – Talking Points

From the congregation newsletter.


Sunday 26 June 2016: Pride

Of the seven deadly sins, pride is the most significant.

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Sunday 19 June 2016: 100 Days On

On Monday it will be 100 days since my father died.

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Sunday 5 June 2016: Witnesses to resurrection

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to support a friend I have known my whole life who was going through a very difficult time.

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Sunday 29 May 2016: Envisioning the UK’s relationship with Europe

You’ll have noticed that we have a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union on 23 June.

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Sunday 22 May 2016: Going Green

Liturgical colours are probably a minority sport, but on Monday, as I was checking the readings for the lunchtime service, I realised that after months of red and purple and...

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Sunday 8 May 2016: Called to be a Peacemaker

This Sunday we celebrate the commissioning of our PCC members.

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Sunday 1 May 2016: The Verdict

After I heard the Hillsborough verdict I sat down and read the brief biographies of the 96 who died in Sheffield on 15 April 1989.

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Sunday 24 April 2016: The Lens of the Cross

Last weekend I was on retreat with members of the college where I am currently training for ordination.

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Sunday 17 April 2016: My sheep hear my voice

One of my favourites to follow on Twitter is ‘Herdwick Shepherd’ (@herdyshepherd1), a Lake District farmer who has 600 sheep and 76,000 Twitter followers.

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