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Café in the Crypt

Les Routiers Café of the Year 2012, the Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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End of summer? Start of term?

News St Martin – Talking Points

From the congregation newsletter.


Sunday 6 September 2015: End of summer? Start of term?

My vicar at a previous church would often say that this Sunday was the start of a new term and so the start of new church activities.

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Sunday 30 August 2015: What are you doing here?

“Why do you wear your stole across like a sash?” is a question I’ve been asked since arriving at St Martin’s.

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Sunday 23 August 2015: God: not just an emergency service

Last year I bought a campervan. The ‘joke’ with other owners is that the first thing you need to buy for your van is breakdown cover.

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Sunday 16 August 2015: Forgive and Remember

I have just returned from a week camping in Normandy in France where I visited the beaches where the Allied forces landed on D Day.

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Sunday 9 August 2015: Morning Prayer

A few days ago I was getting myself ready for Morning Prayer.

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Sunday 2 August 2015: John Hull (1935-2015)

John Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education at the University of Birmingham, and our speaker at our Disability Conference weekend in 2013, died this week.

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Sunday 26 July 2015: There must be difference

In his book about the two sides of the brain, Iain McGilchrist says, ‘Before there can be harmony, there must be difference’.

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Sunday 12 July 2015: Only connect

This weekend, part of the St Martin’s community has been considering the ways in which we belong – to God, to one another, to the land. In order to belong,...

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Sunday 5 July 2015: Living Water

I write this front cover during the heat wave.

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Sunday 28 June 2015: Sabbath Moments

In the past month I have been to two events where the concept of "Sabbath" has been recommended to me (for me).

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