I am spending this autumn living and working in India. Delhi, where I am based, is a frenetic city in which the ultra-modern sits alongside the ancient. This has been particularly noticeable as the city has celebrated Diwali over the past week: decorated cows have walked the same streets that are being used as the backdrop for laser shows and the holiday traffic has whizzed around the Moghul tombs for which this place is famous.

All Saints and All Souls represent opportunities to give thanks for the Christians who have gone before us; those who have inspired us and brought us to faith. On All Saints’ Day we remember those men and women in whose lives we see the grace of God most strongly at work; including those from the very earliest days of the church. During All Souls we commemorate and give thanks for more recent disciples, those we have known personally.

At this time of year, we are reminded that we too sit alongside the ancient: through baptism we become part of the company of saints whose mutual belonging transcends death.

I wonder what that means for you?

Frances Stratton