With so many options for visitors to London, a little local knowledge can add some interest and help people make the most of their visit. 

This is where apps can help, and we’ve compiled a list of some useful tour apps which help you discover fascinating parts of London and the stories behind them. 

At St Martin’s, we’ve recently launched a ‘Beating the Bounds’ walking tour app, which will guide walkers around the historic parish boundary, with stories and music along the way. 


Blue Plaques of London 

Blue plaques around London link the city’s buildings with the people who once lived or worked within them. 

There are more than 900 blue plaques which have been put up since the scheme, now handled by English Heritage, began in 1866. 

English Heritage’s Blue Plaques app contains details of all the plaques throughout London, and has a selection of guide walking tours around the city. 


Singing Streets

This app is a guide to more than 2,000 locations around London where music history was made. 

A screenshot from the Singing Streets London walking app showing a map of Soho with pins

Singing Streets app

The app contains a directory of locations. Interactive maps which allow you to see significant places near your location, and guide tours. It’s currently £3.99 to download. 


London Architecture Guide

Created by the Architecture Foundation, this free app provides a guide to more than 1,000 of the city’s most significant buildings. 

A screenshot of the London Architecture Guide app showing Portcullis House with information about it below

London Architecture Guide app

The app maps the locations, walking tours and direction, with insight into the history and architectural significance of each. 


Uncovered London

This app presents an alternative guide to hidden history and monuments around London, showing you the locations many tour guides may miss. 

An image of an iPhone with the Uncovered London app open showing a zoomed out map of London with colourful pins

Uncovered London app


A Hollow Body

Created by the Museum of London as part of a Sherlock Holmes exhibition in 2019, this app is a 45 minute tour around central London. 

This walk uses sound and narrative to create a mysterious walk for two people through Sherlock Holmes’ London. 

Beating the Bounds

This app from St Martins’ takes you on a tour of the historic parish boundary, which covers many famous parts of central London.

A screenshot from the St Martin's London walking tour app

The tour will take around an hour and a half, starting and finishing at St Martin’s, and leading you  along the Embankment, through St James’s Park and Green Park, past Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, and guides you through areas as contrasting as Covent Garden and St James’s.