Ok, settle yourself. Pay attention to what you hear when you’re quiet, in this mostly quiet place. Think about John Cage’s piece “4.33” a composition in three movements in which the musicians play not one note. Upon first hearing, some people thought it was a joke and laughed. Some people felt cheated (I paid money for this?). What Cage hoped, though, was that the piece would create a space in which the listeners could hear whatever sounds were around them and make that into music.

Perhaps we can echo Cage’s invitation and create space for our inner voice.

What are you bringing with you into this church today?

What are you hungry for?

What are you full of?

Who do you need to forgive?

Who do you miss?

Where have I ignored myself?

When did I feel most at peace?

How can I take my answers to these and write my own song?


Annette Atkins