St Martin-in-the-Fields Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for promoting the mission of the Church and of St Martin-in-the-Fields. It consults with the Parish on matters relating to our pastoral, social, ecumenical and common life; it employs staff and oversees parish income and expenditure.

The PCC also participates in issues of importance to the wider public and to the Church of England as a whole.

In particular the PCC is responsible for raising funds for the mission of St. Martin’s and the upkeep of its buildings. Having responsibility for Grade I and II listed buildings is a great charge and we rely on the voluntary contributions of our visitors, congregations and users to help us in this. The PCC established a business enterprise in 1987 as part of its response to the need to generate sufficient funds for the upkeep of our day to day running costs. This has also enabled the expansion of our pastoral work, our theological growth and our outreach into the wider world.

The PCC has four permanent committees (Education, Hospitality, International, Church & Worship) and a number of task groups who meet to work on specific projects for a limited period of time.

The membership of the PCC comprises:

Clergy (ex-officio)

Revd Dr Sam Wells, Vicar and Chair

Revd Richard Carter, Associate Vicar for Mission

Revd Sally Hitchiner, Associate Vicar for Ministry

Revd Jonathan Evens, Associate Vicar for HeartEdge

Revd Catherine Duce, Assistant Vicar for Partnership Development

Revd Harry Ching, Assistant Vicar for International Ministry


Churchwardens (ex-officio)

Mel Adams

Jeff Claxton


Elected Members

Billy Cometti

Lois Howarth

Craig Norman

Ingrid Philion

Wendy Quill

Ros Scott (Treasurer)

Tricia Sibbons

Lenus Walker

Ivan Yuen

Deanery Synod Representatives (ex-officio)

Nike Awoyinka

Timothy Beale

Dan Kaszeta

Eugene Ling

Neil MacGregor

Rachel Morrison

Wenyi Zhao

PCC Secretary

Siân Conway (


Correct as at June 2021.