It was such a joy last weekend to celebrate our community life at the at home day, the parish Eucharist and the parish picnic. Thank you to those who came along. There were memorable encounters with congregational members, from old and new faces in our community who we have recently welcomed online. I’m daily astonished by the depth of relationship nurtured with people from around the world at St Martin’s.

I’d like to tell you about the Companions. The Companions of Nazareth (founded 2020, emerging from the Nazareth Community, founded 2018) is a new online international, ecumenical community of people seeking to deepen their life of prayer and be equipped for mission and service in their local contexts. This is the emergence of an online community of people anchoring their lives in Christ through shared contemplative prayer and action; a new worshipping community.

Companions are joining us from all walks of life:

Those rediscovering the Christian faith after a long time – particularly those whose experience of other parts of the church has involved pain and/or rejection.
Those coming from other faith traditions or contemplative practices and discovering in the Christian faith a prayer tradition that enriches this path.
Christians from different denominations thirsty for a deeper spiritual life.
Clergy who feel in need of spiritual resourcing and a community of prayer.

This new initiative at St Martin-in-the-Fields has grown inspirationally and exponentially during the pandemic. In November 2020 we welcomed 36 Companions of Nazareth from across the UK. In May 2021 we welcomed a further 33 Companions from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Australia and USA. We anticipate further growth. If you would like to learn more about this Spirit-led movement initiated at St Martin’s do get in touch and I can send you more information. Email:

Thank you too for your prayers.

Revd Catherine Duce