This week, in these days between Ascension Day and Pentecost, we are invited to join in the ecumenical worldwide prayer initiative Thy Kingdom Come. It is an opportunity to pray with Christians around the world for the coming of God’s kingdom through the Holy Spirit. At St Martin’s this time begins and ends with two BBC broadcast services, for Ascension Day and Pentecost. Through our broadcasting we are able to speak into the hearts of people around the country, of the coming of God’s kingdom, in a way that is a hallmark of our Christian witness. We look forward to this ministry continuing to grow and flourish in the future through the Spirit.

At the beautiful Ascension Day service June Osborne, Bishop of Llandaff, spoke about the inhumanity and violence we see in the world around us today and the transforming presence of Christ: “Christ in glory testifies to him having not just the power to judge our actions, but greater authority than all the rules and powers and systems that dominate and drive human society. Thus we have access to that higher power of goodness. We are asked to show that transforming power of Christ in our intolerance of abuse and our determination to make freedom work for all races and genders, for all things to be put under his feet. For his kingly rule is the rule of love. It matters whether we live abusively and aggressively, or peaceably and humanely…. In the face of violence, Christ reigns, Christ rules, eternal victor, eternal king, his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom it shall not be taken away.”

Her words are a way for us to enter this week, with confidence in that abiding, just and gentle rule of Christ. And as you journey through this week, take the work of Christian Aid into your prayer and actions, that God’s kingdom may come for all God’s people.

Holy God, in your kingdom, the strong need the weak, the rich are transformed by the poor, the fortunate are welcomed by the homeless. Your kingdom is built by those who expect their God to come. Amen.

Prayer for Christian Aid Week

Revd Katherine Hedderly