It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…

Friday 29 May 2020

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Those words, with which Charles Dickens begins A Tale of Two Cities, sum up our experience of the last ten weeks at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

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Dear Friends

Friday 22 May 2020

A painting by the Polish Jesuit philosopher and artist Vyacheslav Okun depicts Jesus in the emergency room, as a person suffering from the virus.

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Interrupting the Silence

Friday 15 May 2020

Lockdown has its challenges. One of mine has been teaching my grandson, aged 12, to solve ever more complex simultaneous equations over Whatsapp.

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Carry On

Friday 8 May 2020

Until a few months ago, the ubiquitous “Keep calm and carry on” slogans with the many variations felt very hackneyed and irrelevant. In the light of our current circumstances, I’m reconsidering my view.

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Is it Impossible?

Friday 1 May 2020

At the end of Acts 2, we read an inspiring account of the church immediately following Pentecost… It’s often dismissed a rather idyllic picture, impossible to replicate.

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When he was at the table…

Friday 24 April 2020

For me, Sunday worship now takes place in the kitchen, where candles and palm cross have joined the salt and pepper and unopened post on the table.

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Looking Up

Friday 17 April 2020

The sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld has a major exhibition at Canary Wharf that opened shortly before lockdown.

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The Empty Tomb

Saturday 11 April 2020

For decades, even centuries, the battle raged in the early Church. Did Jesus rise bodily from the dead? Was the tomb empty?

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A Story in Three Parts

Saturday 4 April 2020

I’ve started to think of this pandemic season in terms of the Noah story.

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