Behind the scenes are governance and money. The Parochial Church Council has around 15 lay members, and oversees the ministry and mission of St Martin’s. Once you’ve enrolled on the electoral roll, you have the right to vote on the members of the PCC, and, after just six months, you can stand for election as well.

To be involved in the governance of St Martin’s, contact our Vicar at

St Martin’s has ambitious plans for the future. We are running a fundraising campaign, Building Futures, to secure money to support our mission, music and work with homeless and vulnerable people, and most importantly to secure the upkeep of our buildings for the next generation. To find out more, please contact the development team at

How we are organised

Any group that functions well needs to organise events and programmes and make and implement decisions.

  • We organise events and programmes through our various groups, including Education, Hospitality, International, Disability Advisory, and Sustainability
  • We make and implement decisions through our Parochial Church Council, which has three clergy and 13 lay members, and its five committees, covering Finance, Programming, Common Life, Communications and Strategic Planning

In addition the St Martin-in-the-Fields Limited Board works closely with the PCC, and the PCC also has close links with The Connection, the St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity, and the St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust.

How we’re growing

From 2006-08 St Martin’s undertook a major extension and refurbishment, known as the Renewal, since when we have magnificently restored buildings and wonderful new spaces. In 2017 we began a new campaign called Building Futures, designed to sustain the site but also to renew our musical, theological and charitable life. The details of our aspirations are in our St Martin’s Action Plan, which we renew every two years – next in March 2018. In particular in February 2017 we launched HeartEdge, a network seeking to catalyse kingdom communities around the nation and beyond.