Epiphany: Finding God

Friday 5 January 2018

I wonder what brought you to London. Many years ago I came to London hoping to find a satisfying job and seeking a life partner. The day after I arrived, I travelled on the tube to the centre of town, and emerged onto the street. And there was Her Majesty the Queen…

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Adopted by God

Sunday 31 December 2017

Duration: 13.08
Recorded on: 31 December 2017
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The First Sunday of Christmas

Sunday 31 December 2017

I want to think with you this morning about how we come to be part of God’s family.  And in thinking about being part of God’s family, I want to explore how being adopted is at the very heart of the process.

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The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 24 September 2017

We’ve just heard a parable told by Jesus about work. It’s a parable that follows hot on the heels of the Apostle Peter reminding Jesus that he and the other disciples have left everything to follow him, and expressing a concern about what reward they’ll have for doing so.

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Working in God’s Vineyard

Sunday 24 September 2017

Duration: 14.15
Recorded on: 24 September 2017
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Wrestling in the Dark

Sunday 6 August 2017

Duration: 14:24
Recorded on: 6 August 2017
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