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HeartEdge Logo

  • A network of churches initiated by St Martin-in-the-Fields
  • For those working at the heart of culture, community and commerce
  • With those at the margins and on the edge
  • Building association, learning, development and resource

HeartEdge supports churches in blending their mission around four key areas:

  • Congregation – Inclusive approaches to liturgy, worship and day-to-day communal life
  • Community – models of outreach serving local need and addressing social justice
  • Culture – art, music and ideas to re-imagine the Christian narrative for the present moment
  • Commerce – Commercial activities that generate finance, creatively extending and enhancing mission and ministry through social enterprise

HeartEdge supports its members in finding their stories, sharing resources and connecting effectively with others developing their church and community. We create spaces where members give from their experience and take from others – an exchange that’s often inspiring, always compelling, and mutually useful for all participants. We want HeartEdge to be an essential resource and a valuable community, as you develop your church and neighbourhood.

When you join HeartEdge you and your church get:

  • Connections: Access to all kinds of useful contacts and connections to help your church develop cultural, commercial and community activity
  • Information: Grow your knowledge and insight to help you in your work via the lived experience of others
  • Visits: Opportunity to meet those most relevant to you in situ, gaining understanding of their work and experience, live
  • Mentors: Via phone calls & meetings, appropriate learning and support from others
  • Events: Programmed with bespoke content useful for your context
  • Publications: An emerging range of resources based on approaches to ministry used by HeartEdge members
  • Projects: Support and resources to begin specific social justice initiatives
  • Emails and Online: We’ll keep in touch with you via a monthly email with links to useful resources via our website

HeartEdge is fuelled by its members. Members are people and churches who are makers and takers – people and churches that both give to the network and take from it.

Find out more or apply to join by downloading the HeartEdge Membership Pack.

For more information contact Revd Jonathan Evens, Associate Vicar for Partnerships on 02077661127 or

HeartEdge events

Our next events are seminars on two exciting models of mission proven to grow new congregations – Great Sacred Music and Start:Stop.

These events will be held on:

Start:Stop – Wednesday 31 May, 1.00pm, St Stephen Walbrook;

Great Sacred Music – Thursday 8 June, 12.45pm, St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Past Events

‘At the heart. On the edge.’ was a day exploring mission by sharing ideas, uncovering solutions and finding support held on 8 February 2017 at St Stephen Walbrook, London. This conference which launched HeartEdge was hosted by Revd Dr Sam Wells. Following the event, Sam said, ‘I was so delighted to see so many energised and engaged faces at the HeartEdge launch as we spoke about structures, configurations, approaches, insights – but most of all of renewal of vocation, vision and common exploration. That left me full of hope for the emergence of HeartEdge – a movement as yet of many different words but one purposeful spirit. I hope you will sign up and encourage others to do so.’ See the press release for the event for further information.

During the afternoon of our launch in February we invited those present to talk about assets in their church to support mission, then repeat and locate the obstacles. We’ve written up the findings from a fascinating 45 minutes discussion and they can be downloaded by clicking here.

Listen to the keynote speech given by Sam Wells

St Stephen Walbrook

St Martin’s has a partnership with St Stephen Walbrook in the City of London. St Stephen is a member of HeartEdge.


St Stephen Walbrook is an Anglican Parish Church which is rich in heritage, but which also remains actively involved in the City of London. Described by Sir John Sommerson as ‘the pride of English architecture’, Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece is the church from which Wren developed his plans for St Paul’s Cathedral. Bombed in the Second World War and restored to its present magnificent state in 1981, twentieth-century artists have adorned its interior. Henry Moore’s travertine marble altar now stands under Wren’s dome ringed by Patrick Heron’s dazzling kneelers.

St Stephen stands witness next to the Mansion House, at the heart of the City it was built to serve, where it seeks to provide a safe and welcoming place in which people of all religious faiths or none can find spiritual inspiration, guidance, encouragement and support. In developing its mission and ministry in the City, St Stephen’s is seeking to build on its congregational life by furthering business and community links, developing its musical tradition, and exploring other cultural and spiritual opportunities. St Stephen is also home to the London Internet Church.

The partnership which has been formed between St Stephen and St Martin’s has been taken forward through a Partnership Working Group involving representatives from both PCCs plus key members of the staff team at St Martin’s. This group initially designed the specification and profile for the Priest for Partnership Development post, which is shared by both churches and has then operated as a ‘blue-sky thinking’ group.

This group has been the seed bed for many of the new initiatives undertaken by St Stephen Walbrook, these include:

  • Start:Stop – brief early morning reflections for City workers on their way into work;
  • Discover & explore – a new lunchtime service (adapted from the model of Great Sacred Music at St Martin’s) with liturgy devised on a thematic basis and with input from the Choral Scholars of St Martin’s;
  • HR/Estates Management – advice provided on a consultancy basis related to contracts, policies and internet provision;
  • Music – sourcing of singers through the pool of musicians maintained by St Martin’s;
  • Volunteers – volunteer input to the development of the London Internet Church; and
  • Ideas – ideas for new outreach/promotional events, such as a Wedding Fayre.

These initiatives are being taken forward by St Stephen Walbrook, with St Martin’s providing support where appropriate (on a costed basis). These initiatives are context-based and form part of the Mission Action Plan for St Stephen, which addresses maintenance of existing ministry, new developments and financial sustainability. The Partnership Working Group continues to contribute ideas in the next stage of development at St Stephen’s when plans will be formed for the re-development of its Crypt.

Visit the website of St Stephen Walbrook for more information.

International Groups


Could you provide a place of welcome, hospitality and sanctuary for people with no recourse to public funds?

 International Group

The Sunday International Group at St Martin-in-the-Fields was set up in September 2013 aiming to provide a place of welcome, hospitality and sanctuary for foreign nationals who are destitute in London, focusing especially on those with no recourse to public funds. It provides a hot meal, access to showers and laundry and helps with essential needs. It provides social interaction and a sense of community with others in similar situations and with the volunteers.

St Martin’s encourages and supports other churches in providing similar international groups and helps provide a framework and sharing of experience about how this might be possible. Each new initiative depends on the needs of your area and the resources you have available.

Support from St Martin’s for this initiative can include:

  • visits to the Sunday International Group at St Martin-in-the-Fields;
  • advice from St Martin’s staff;
  • copy of Guide to running the Sunday International Group; and
  • start-up funding of up to £5,000 to cover cooking and washing equipment (i.e. rice cookers, chafing dishes, washing machine, dryer etc.).

Churches providing International Groups (with support from St Martin’s) include:

International Groups leaflet

For more information contact Revd Jonathan Evens, Associate Vicar for Partnerships on 02077661127 or